Meet Our Executive Director - The Residence at Cedar Dell

Meet Our Executive Director

Our Executive Directors put their heart and soul into creating environments of intellectual stimulation, comfort and personal growth for all of our residents. Listen to what Kristine Franklin loves about being Executive Director of The Residence at Cedar Dell:

I love working for LCB as everyone shares the same vision and dedication to our mission. It is truly a family environment where everybody is there for each other. I love that my job enables me to help older adults continue their passions in life, where every day there is  different but a constant adventure where we get to enhance the lives of the people we serve. What I love most is that I have a part in making sure that each resident experiences quality of life and I love the fact that its filled with all possibilities that I am part of in a small way.

Kristine Franklin, Executive Director of The Residence at Cedar Dell

Front entrance of the Residence at Cedar Dell

“Everything I need is here at the community. The residents and staff are not only nice but are also very caring.”

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